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Elite Ivy Tutors (EIT) is a premier private tutoring service. We conduct in-home and online MCAT lessons around the world. EIT requires the highest standards for all our MCAT tutors, including an Ivy League degree. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we maintain a short roster of only the best MCAT tutors in the country, and explains why we were ranked #1 in tutoring by two independent consumer reports.

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We first give new students a real diagnostic MCAT exam from the test maker, which we grade and analyze to learn each student’s strengths and weaknesses. We then match students with the MCAT tutor who best fits their learning style and personality. Finally, we customize a prep plan to help them achieve their desired MCAT score.

Each student is different, so no two prep plans are the same. However, our approach always involves many real full-length practice MCATs from the test maker. Repetition and pattern recognition are the keys to success with MCAT prep. Moreover, our emphasis on frequent MCAT practice exams allows us to better track a student’s progress and ensure consistent improvement.

Our students are taught to simplify complex concepts, learn the various tricks and traps of the MCAT, and become confident test takers. We also place a strong emphasis on understanding why tempting incorrect answer choices are wrong; this often-overlooked step is critical to understanding the MCAT from the test maker’s point of view and avoiding trap answers.

But don’t take our word for it; see the proven satisfaction with our tutors demonstrated by our client testimonials.

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