My daughter’s ACT score jumped from a 28 to a 33 with our tutor’s assistance and we were thrilled. He was very professional, patient and efficient and was clearly an expert in all areas that she needed to work on. The one-on-on Skype sessions allowed her to focus on only what she needed to improve. She would have studied effectively on her own, but EIT’s help brought her preparedness and confidence to a higher level. Absolutely worth every penny. I would highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors for any test prep course that you were considering.

- Jill Z.

My tutor was awesome! He helped me prepare for the GRE. Got my math scores up by a huge margin, and ended up jumping from 44th to 96th percentile for math. This helped me get into the Ivy league graduate program of my dreams. He really helped me work on my problem areas, while letting me skip over stuff I already knew, which made the most of each session. Using this tutoring service was the best decision i could’ve made.

- Emily Z.

Elite Ivy Tutors is an excellent organization. They quickly and professionally connected my daughter with an extremely bright, kind, and talented tutor who was able to instruct and motivate a reluctant math learner. My daughter is doing very well in her math class this year because of the training she received this summer. More important even than the substance of the class were the strategies the tutor, Alyson, gave my daughter for dealing with her math anxiety and lack of confidence. My daughter’s ability to confidently address new concepts without freaking out or breaking down is much stronger due to the work the tutor did with her this summer. Aside from the tutor, other company representatives I dealt with were competent, kind, professional, and extraordinarily responsive. I would not think twice about working with Elite Ivy Tutors again.

- Todd M.

I wish I have known about Elite Ivy Tutors (Brian) last summer when I was looking for a SAT tutor for my daughter. She ended up doing a SAT summer camp which was a waste of time and money. After she got her October test score, we really needed a tutor to help her critical reading. My friend recommended Brian. My daughter hesitated because of using Skype. But after the first free lesson (1-hour), she said it’s working well. She improved 160 points in her January test and scored over 2300. Brian is also flexible in scheduling. Now when people ask me about SAT tutor, my daughter always says “Brian”. We highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors.

- Cecilia S.

Elite Ivy Tutors really helped me with my SAT prep. In only about 3 months my SAT score improved by 300 points. My tutor was very knowledgeable and great at explanations when I was confused. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great tutor.

- Ryan H.

After working with EIT, I improved 360 points and scored over 2100. My tutor works hard to make sure that you truly understand the test. He always has multiple ways to explain difficult concepts, and is always flexible in scheduling. I highly recommend!

- Carrington P.

We tried all the rest, Brian & Elite Ivy Tutors is the best! I found EIT through a google search, within two lessons my son’s confidence, GPA & study habits soared! We are using him this summer for summer hw & SAT prep. We intend to use him until college, Brian is focused & always prepared, very worth the $, you get what you pay for & my son is pulling +95 with Brian. Best google search ever!

- Susan S.

After searching endlessly for an ACT tutor who was both insightful and effective, I finally came upon Elite Ivy Tutors and my search was over. My tutor was a brilliant and relatable tutor who was genuine and kind with the lessons. Other tutors I’ve had were going through the motions of their job, but he went out of his way to make sure I succeeded. And it paid off! I scored a 23 on my first ACT practice test, and by my last test, I scored a 28, with a perfect score of 36 in the writing category. There are few tutoring companies that are truly effective, and I can say with authority that Elite Ivy Tutors has helped me get accepted to my #1 choice college. I would recommend this company for anyone in need of tutoring for any test/subject, and based off of my experience, I would say that if you are searching for a good tutor, with Elite Ivy Tutors, your search is over

- Sofia L.

This was an amazing experience from start to finish! My son increased his ACT score by 6 points and his SAT score by 100 points. William was amazing to work with and sent very specific follow up emails after each session to both our son and us. Highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors!

-Andrea F.

I studied with Corey for the GMAT/GRE for 3 months making dramatic improvements to my overall standardized test taking ability. Corey is an extremely talented tutor. He helped me build a personalized weekly independent study plan, set expectations for improvement, and provided specific, actionable feedback during our weekly virtual study session. Thanks to his help, I scored very well on the GRE and was offered admission to a top 3 MBA program.

- Erik S.

We were looking for a tutor who could help my son go from a good score on the ACT to a great one — group prep classes can only get you so far. We live in NJ and I was skeptical about hiring a tutor via Skype, but it turned out in many ways to be more efficient than face to face tutoring. His tutor pulled up diagrams and worksheets on the computer that my son could see and use in vibrant and interactive ways and that were were quite effective in demonstrating relevant concepts. He thoroughly prepared tailored lessons, which included drills, explanations, and most importantly, calculator work (who knew a calculator could do so much!?) My son’s ACT score went from a composite 32 to a 35 in four sessions. We would highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors–worth every penny.

- Devri W.

Elite Ivy Tutors provides a quality service at a price competitive with those of its competitors. As an elite student, I took great care in conducting extensive research in order to ensure that I would master the SAT with the help of the best of the best. My tutor has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and uses a variety of tools to personalize your experience as a student. He is extremely professional and highly responsive to email. I have already seen over a 400 point increase in my SAT score over the past 3 months. There is no doubt that EIT is highly effective in its refined tutoring services.

- Alex Y.

Our tutor was likable, professional in his approach, and, much to my surprise,  managed to establish an immediate rapport with my son.  The two of them seemed to click right from day one and worked together efficiently to improve my son’s understanding of the SAT materials.  In a relatively short period of time working under Brian’s guidance (5 weeks) my son’s overall SAT score improved by almost 300 points.

Overall, my wife and I were really happy with the service provided and more importantly the results obtained and would highly recommend EIT to any one looking for high quality tutoring services.

- Bob H.

Brian is everything one would want in a tutor. Not only is he brilliant, but Brian has a way of teaching the material clearly as well as giving the student confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great tutor.

- Callie R.

I needed to find a GRE tutor immediately and Brian from Elite Ivy Tutors was there to help. I explained the urgency to Brian and that night he sent me a practice exam for me to take. He shifted his calendar so we could meet and review the next night. We reviewed the material, he explained a few new tricks to me and it made me feel more confident in my decision to move forward with EIT. To summarize the overall experience – very friendly, great knowledge, endless patience, reasonable prices and in-person tutoring cannot be beat!

- Justin Z.

After working with Brian, I increased my SAT score by 300 points in a very short period of time. I am thrilled with this company. It was incredibly productive and helpful. Thank you so much.

- Amanda M.

Worth every single penny!! Corey was an awesome tutor and helped me better understand my statistics course. Can’t say enough good things about EIT & Corey!

- Derek S.

I was looking for a math tutor to prepare for the GREs. I had not done math in over 10 years and, coming from the arts, the math I did do was very basic. I am so grateful to have found Brian and to have had numerous intensive lessons with him before the exam.

I have been teaching for a long time myself, and I can say first hand that Brian is an amazing teacher. Not only was he attentive to my specific mathematical needs, I could also tell he was very invested in wanting me to do well. Brian never made me feel like anything was too difficult or unattainable. He explained all my questions in depth and was always very concerned with making sure I understood everything. Even if that meant going over it again…and again. Brian helped me make diagrams for a statistics research project I was working on as part of my degree in Psychology. I was later asked to present that project at a honors convention my college was hosting. I am sure that his elaborate graphs/diagrams and extensive knowledge in statistics which he imparted contributed to that.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, fluent in every math concept known to man, enthusiastic, patient, efficient, eloquent and kind tutor–look no further.

Brian was so instrumental to my success on the GREs and in boosting my confidence. I never thought I would be able to comprehend half the concepts I did. I strongly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors and Brian if you are looking to invest in a tutor. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job.

- Dorin L.

I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors for a few reasons I will highlight. One staff member, Amber, coordinated our sessions. Her warm demeanor was refreshing and her thoroughness and prompt responses were greatly appreciated. My daughter’s SAT score improved by 160 points after working with one of the tutors named Jacob. The quality of his teaching style was noticeably better than the SAT preparatory courses and private tutors. My daughter felt very comfortable and appreciated that he recognized specific areas that needed addressing. They didn’t waste time on topics that she had mastered. My only regret was that I didn’t have her start working with the tutor sooner as I truly believe that she would have scored even higher. It was money well spent and I am confident that it will pay off upon completion of this college application process.

- Tobia H.

My son DJ had some challenges the 1st time he took the ACT. He did not score poorly overall, but he wanted a higher score to have a shot at his top choice college. After some intense tutoring with Elite Ivy Tutoring, DJ’s scores rose significantly across the board and his English score increased from 27 to 34. He is attending the college he wanted and he loves it. The tutors were kind, professional and well prepared. DJ enjoyed working with them and they achieved great results. We had a fantastic experience and I highly recommend EIT. Thank you Brian and Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Denmark W.

A BIG thank you to Elite Ivy Tutors! You guys were amazing and helped boost my SAT scores by over 200 points when I thought all hope was lost. Thanks to Mark for helping me with improving my reading and grammar skills!

- Matthew C.

My daughter worked with Brian at Elite Ivy Tutors and got a 1560 on her first SAT try! Their method of review and following up with detailed notes of the session for future reference and review was very helpful. Brian took the time to go through the right answers and wrong answers on practice tests to make sure she understood the why behind the correct answer. As a parent, I also received a graph each week of where she improved and by how much so we could track her progress. I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors.

- Liz G.

Great tutors to help my son prepare for his high school exams. I must admit, before the first session my son was dragging his feet at the thought of going over test material in the summer. Ugh! Understandable! But after the first session he was completely on board (a miracle!). We had two tutors. Both were excellent and made it fun and engaging. We are still waiting for his test results (fingers crossed), but I know my son went into the test confident and prepared which I attribute to the work of Amber, Will and Jacob at Elite Ivy Tutors.
-Chris S.

I can’t say enough great things about Elite Ivy Tutors. Corey was able to provide great support for an extremely difficult course and our family is grateful! We highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Michelle and Jeffrey B.

Ivy Tutors helped me improved my SAT skills immensely. Not only did I become more proficient in my SAT test taking ability, but also my approach to taking any and all tests. Katie was my tutor and was amazing! Highly recommend this service

-Ian M.

There are many tutors around for ACT and cheaper, but my daughter improved by 3 points on the ACT after only one lesson with Brian. When she got the scores back from ACT her first words “because of Brian I improved.”

- Anna G.

I’ve had past tutors and none have been more helpful and charismatic as Brian. He has help me with the SAT, ACT, TRIG, APUSH, Calculus, and Stat, and every lesson is more insightful then the last. I have never met anyone as knowledgeable as himself. In my first two attempts at the NY State Trig regents I received a 65 and a 55. I knew I had to do something to change this, studying with Brian for 2 weeks I was able to learn an entire years worth of material. By the time test day came and gone I knew I aced the exam. My superstitions were only confirmed when I received a letter in the mail stating that I got a 96, although great I was disappointed I didn’t get the 100 haha. Without Brian’s help i don’t know what I would have got on the test. I plan to see this score jump reflect on the SAT as I currently have a 1800 but with his help I hope to beat my older brother’s score of 2100.

- Michael N.

Brian is one of the best tutors I ever have. Unlike some tutors where they are dead serious, Brian is not, he has the patience and the ability to adapt to the students’ need. Because of him in just a week he rose my SAT test average by 280 points. Of course the student needs to put in the work but with Brian’s help and studying method one can expect good outcomes on any subject.

- Irfaan K.

They are really helpful people!!!! I cannot thank them any more. I was able to get quick and honest reviews for my college application process and it has helped me reach my dream school.

- Temur A.

While pricey, I found the tutoring to be quite helpful, particularly because my tutor focused not only on the content, but *how* to take my test. I’ve tried several different tutors over the course of my academic career, and when it comes to standardized tests, tutoring on how to take specific tests has proven the most valuable. I wasn’t able to pay $$$ for many sessions, so I asked my tutor to help me design and pace out a course of independent study – I’d recommend that, too!

-Kristen R.

I chose Elite Ivy Tutors to help me study for the GRE…After meeting with Brian once we arranged to have Bryn meet me at my apartment around 1-1.5x a week for what ended up being around 5-6 weeks…Bryn was really a delight to study with; she was patient, methodical, and would share her thought processes in a clear way and helped me create smart and effective testing strategies. With her help I ended up getting a 169V/168Q/6A!

- Abbi K.

My tutor was super helpful and really pin pointed exactly what I needed to improve my score for both the regular SAT and Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test. We completed and reviewed a lot of practice tests which helped drill the skills and make sure I was absolutely prepared for the actual exam. It was a great help and I’m glad I decided to get the lessons!

- Katherine S.

What a fantastic company! I received an immediate response from Brian. His timeliness was critical to my success. I had taken the GRE already and received a good score, but not high enough for my desired programs. I didn’t start tutoring until a week before my GRE general test, and even in that short time, Bryn, my tutor, helped me raise my quantitative score by 5 points in only two sessions. She helped me increase my time efficiency and accuracy almost immediately. My only regret was not finding them sooner. Had I done so, I would undoubtedly have done even better. If you need help getting a higher score, don’t delay in reaching out to Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Nathan C.

Brian was a great tutor and helped me achieve the ACT score I wanted to get. I originally got a 28, but after a few months of tutoring was able to get a 33. I would recommend Brian and his team, Elite Ivy Tutors to anyone applying to college or needing tutoring in general. They are the only tutors, out of all the tutors I have gone to, that I would recommend.

- Katherine B.

We absolutely loved the work David did with my son. He made him so much confident. David was committed, patient, detail oriented with in-depth knowledge of the subjects. My son’s SAT score increased more than 200 points with David help. We are so happy that we had Elite Ivy Tutors with us during this journey.

- Dani J.

Sam of Elite Ivy Tutors has been tremendously helpful & encouraging! Our daughter feels greatly strengthened by the sessions. She recently took the PSAT for the 2nd time, remarking how much easier it was after being coached by Sam. We, her parents, are pleased with Sam’s professionalism and his good character. He’s always upbeat and positive, which all students and their worried parents need! I am grateful to Sam for his attention to all the details — he knows our school system doesn’t have great math teachers and he’s modified his methods to help our daughter learn different problem solving skills. I wholeheartedly recommend Elite Ivy and Sam. We are very grateful to have found you.

- Leigh T.

Elite Ivy tutors is very professional. They got back to me right away and found a great tutor for my son. His SAT scores improved.He was taught test taking tricks and Emile, his tutor, focused on HIS weaknesses. It is expensive but I figured my sons future is a good investment! He definitely gained 300 points from ivy tutors.

- Claudia K.

It was a pleasure working with Elite Ivy Tutors! Brian has a dedicated approach to connecting students with just the right tutor. My initial concerns of working through Skype were completely eased after the initial, free consultation. Brian connected our daughter with a wonderfully qualified tutor! Our daughter was delighted with her improved ACT score.

- Kristi C.

Incredibly helpful! Elite Ivy Tutors gives great tips on how to crack the SAT. I find it especially nice that all of the tips are built into a single Google document so that I don’t have to take extensive notes and can review what I learned at any time. The Skype sessions are super flexible in terms of timing, so fitting sessions into my busy schedule has been very easy. I’ve also seen huge improvements in my understanding of the test and my scores. Overall have had a great experience thus far 🙂

- Kaitlin G.

Elite Ivy Tutors is the best! I came to them looking for help on the GRE and I got exactly what I was looking for. Jacob was very patient with me and has helped me feel more comfortable taking the test. I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors. They may be a little pricey, but definitely worth every penny.

- Katie K.

Elite Ivy Tutors provided our daughter with top-notch preparation for the GRE. She received highly competent, effective training, and her scores improved significantly. It was worth every penny.

- Chester G.

I had reached out to Elite Ivy tutors after doing extensive research for my bosses daughter for tutoring on the SAT’s. Brian and Sam were fantastic, knowledgeable, easy going and friendly with getting everything set up. They aligned us with the perfect tutor, Maureen. She was absolutely the sweetest, super smart and Kenz loved her! We found her very easy to learn from, work with and listen to. I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors and will certainly look to them for any future needs when it comes to tutoring.

- David T.

Élite Ivy has been a wonderful experience. My daughter’s tutor not only provides invaluable test preparation but also provides non-technical support by acting as a role model and cheerleader. My daughter scored really well on her math subject test and is currently working on SAT prep. I highly recommend them.

- Maria C.

The exceptional quality of the tutors is Elite Ivy’s secret sauce. Not only are the tutors extremely bright and knowledgeable about the entire academic process (as they are recent Ivy League grads themselves), but they are committed, professional, and extremely results oriented.

- Leith G.

I hired Elite Ivy Tutors to help my daughter prepare for the SHSAT. I was so impressed with Mark Mauriello’s teaching that when my son asked for some help with math, I immediately contacted them for help. Not only did Mark teach my daughter the skills to perform well on the test, but he was fun and he gave her confidence. Brett Dowling, another tutor with Elite Ivy Tutors, is working with my son, and he’s also feeling more confident and doing much better on his math assignments. This is a very professional organization and I give them my highest recommendation.

- Lucy S.

Elite Ivy Tutors was a truly perfect choice for my daughter. When she had the initial meeting with Brian, she came back so happy, inspired and ready to work. Brian thought carefully about a plan, spoke with me, and matched my daughter with Rebecca, in the early going it was for sessions every night to enable her to kicks start the process. Rebecca was a perfect match, a highly skilled, accomplished professional and teacher with

patience and motivational presence and a careful plan tailored to my daughters needs. She loved Rebecca and was excited to progress, to overcome many of the unique hurdles she faced and learn new things weekly.

Beyond the academic growth, to me, more importantly there was a sense of growing confidence, excitement and self esteem, which is so important at every stage in life. In the near term, the excitement to get better, learn how to work, and seek out exciting colleges shows how much Brian and Rebecca mean to a young person as they reach up to achieve their goals.

I highly recommend them, they are wonderful to work with.

- Tom O.

After just one session, I had already learned so many tips and tricks to outsmart the test. In just a short time I was able to improve my SAT score by 100 points. That would not have been possible without Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Nefertari E.

Working with the tutors really prepared me for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, I felt a lot more confident on test day and in the subjects I studied I am also a much stronger student in school. They really connect with you personally and academically and it was definitely a great choice, I would recommend them to anyone who’s looking to improve their scores and reach the higher level of colleges and universities.

- Richard R.

The founder brian is a brilliant guy and very friendly. I have him tutoting my son for SAT and it is a great choice. He is very knowledgable and resourceful. He is a very good turor who has all the tips to help him to improve his score quickly.

- Wen J.

I believe Elite Ivy Tutors has been the most responsive and organized testing prep I have come across in the city. My tutor (Sam) was professional, detail-oriented, and understanding. I have not touched the material for some time, and my tutor was extremely patient with me. His teaching style created a welcoming learning environment. My scores increased with just a short amount of time. I wished I had booked them sooner. Overall, excellent customer service, easy payment method, and does not create more stress during application/test prep time.

- Pia R.

My tutor is extremely helpful, patient, and supportive. He helped me understand concepts that were extremely challenging, taking it one step at a time and never giving up on me. He turned one of my least favorite subjects into my most, and is the best tutor that I have ever had!

- Grace I.

Brian is a great tutor and was extremely helpful with helping me prepare for the GRE. I have been out of school for awhile and he was very patient and able to break down concepts easily. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Kevin B.

Truly wonderful experience working with EIT! The one on one format via Skype proved to be exceptionally convenient as my daughter has a very busy schedule. Our tutor proved to be friendly, very knowledgeable and clearly helpful.

- Susan B.

I used Elite Ivy Tutors for the ACT. My tutor gave me the tools I needed to get the score I wanted. I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors to anyone taking the ACT; you will not be disappointed.

- Katherine B.

My mom found Brian right before I finished with SAT and with just 2 weeks of tutoring with him my score increased 130 points. I am very thankful that we found Brian in time to help tutor me for the ACT. Brian helped me raise my ACT scores tremendously through our skype lessons. He is very dedicated to helping his students reach their highest potential. He is very detail oriented when tutoring and it truly reflects in the success of his students.

- Morgan B.

Brian at Elite Ivy Tutors is the most helpful tutor I have worked with in high school. Other tutors I’ve gone to were either absent a lot or knew as much about the subject at hand as I did. But Brian really knows SAT stuff; he’s great at explaining and simplifying problems for students. He’s also patient and helps individual students in the group who may not be keeping up the same way as other students. He’s awesome at working with teens, and not a lot of adults are really good at that, so that also makes him an excellent tutor and never boring. Two thumbs up!

- Raven R.

Brian was truly a blessing in every way. I found him by chance and am so grateful that I  did. He helped my daughter raise her SAT scores by several hundred points and did so with patience and enthusiasm. He also helped her with her subject tests and raised those scores substantially as well!! He knows his material extremely well and more importantly, he teaches it in a way that really resonated with her.  He clearly cares about his students and their progress and it shows in the results he gets. I would recommend him highly and with confidence to anyone looking for a first rate tutor.

- Cathy B.

Elite Ivy Tutors was amazing help for the SAT and SAT2 tests. My scores increased up to 90 points in some sections after tutoring with them. I highly recommend these services for those who need intense focus into any subject.

- Sara B.

When I began Junior year, I was offered a spot in an SAT prep class, where I’d be assigned a tutor to help me study every Saturday for the exam. I’ve never had a good tutor, and was a little skeptical, but I’m beyond glad that I agreed to the class. Brian was, and is, nothing short of amazing. He’s friendly and patient, two things every teenager needs in a tutor. He found ways to relate the topics to things I’d understand, and went through various ways of reaching an answer, rather than just one. He put all his time and effort into helping me, and was clear with every explanation.

I began the prep class with a practice score of about 1450, and after my first real SAT, I had increased to almost at 1800. I couldn’t have improved so dramatically without all his help. I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with him to further raise my score and receive help with my college essays.

- Nicole C.

Brian is great! Working with him is fantastic. He explains everything very well and he really knows what he is talking about. It seems like all he does all day is go through ACT’s and tries to find tricks and patterns that will benefit the student. He gives amazing test taking strategies and gives suggestions on how you can stay calm. Bryn is great as well. She is a little more chill then Brian though. She is very good at teaching science. She is able to explain every unit we go over in a way I can understand it.

- Emma G.

EIT has truly helped my daughter zero in on what matters on the ACT. The one on one Skype sessions really helped her to get confident in her skills, understand what she needed to learn and have the stamina to do well on the test. While we are still waiting for her scores, I am confident working with EIT made a difference!

- Kara G.

My tutor was strong and effective. He was realistic in his suggestions regarding which test to take (GMAT or GRE) based on my strengths/weaknesses and he tailored his lessons to my learning style. Furthermore, he helped me understand why certain answers were wrong and used real life examples to illustrate complex problems.

- Aria A.

My tutor had a very organized and efficient approach to improving standardized test scores. I was able to track my progress over the course of the months we worked together, and I was very happy to see that my scores reflected the work we had done.

- Rayland V.

My son really enjoys the energy of the tutors and due to their expertise he said it allowed him to begin at his skill level and not go through a warmup period. He loves that an online service can be this effective!

- Laurie L.

Wonderful to work with, easy to talk to, very accommodating with school schedule and great at helping to further my students own ideas for essays. Will definitely use them again.

- Amy D.

Elite Ivy Tutors is absolutely incredible. I have learned so much from Emile and would turn to him for help on any subject. If you are looking to improve your ACT scores or simply gain testing confidence, I would highly encourage you to use Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Izzie C.

Elite Ivy Tutors is an incredible company that helped me reach the scores that I aspired to reach. My tutor was phenomenal at being encouraging and teaching me tricks to the test that helped boost my score. I highly recommend this company!

- Carolina R.

My tutor Mark was really friendly and helpful. He helped me with the math section on the SAT. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt very at ease with him. He was very encouraging and wanted me to succeed. It was a good experience overall and he made math seem less daunting!

- Emma S.

I loved Elite Ivy Tutors. I took a few clases with Ryan and he was very patient, understanding and kind. They made my TOEFL prep much easier! I would definitely use their services again.

- Miguelina F.

Taylor was an amazing help with my college application essays! Very flexible with the six hour time difference. The Skype sessions were very productive and no time was wasted!! Definitely recommend!

- Hailey K.

Very happy with the service provided and the results. Brian quickly established a good rapport with my son, helped motivate him, and guided him through key items. The results were a strong improvement in SAT scores in a very short period of time.

- Bob H.

I wanted to take a quick second to thank Brian and my personal tutor Bryn for all the hard work and hours they spent with me on weekends helping me get my SAT score to where I needed and wanted it to be. This program truly is a score changer. I saw improvement almost automatically and it is worth every penny. I highly recommend the program!

- Frank L.

Elite Ivy Tutors have gotten to the point where I am now. Without them, I would not have been able to grow more than 20%.

- Justin G.

I had Brian tutor me a few times for the quantitative section of the GRE. He was really helpful and taught me specific techniques for the types of questions I was having trouble with.

- Emily S.

I used Elite Ivy Tutors for the ACT exam and was able to improve my score substantially within two test.

- Sophia L.

I contacted Elite Ivy for a GMAT tutor. They were very quick to respond, and were accomdative in terms of tutor scheduling. I had a great experience with my tutor and would definitely recommend.

- Maya I.

Great experience! Would recommend

- Shawn J.

Tutor was very knowledgable and experienced. Helped me raise my biology average from an 85 to a 94.

- Raiyan G.

When I initially took a practice test for the SAT, I did not feel prepared for it. However, with the help of Elite Ivy Tutors, I walked into the SAT testing room for the first time with complete confidence in my abilities.

- Liam O.

The tudoring sessions were great. Always on time and ready to teach. Had a great experience.

- Leila N.

Brian is very through and knows the material inside and out. He makes the material easy to understand and provides students with the knowledge of concepts that they need in order to do well.

- Nikki L.

i have been working with Brett from E.I.T. over the last two months to prepare for the GMAT exam and could not be happier. Studying for any standardized exam can be overwhelming, but Elite Ivy Tutors has made the process as painless as possible. My entire program has been 100% customized/streamlined to my individual needs, streamlining the content of all lessons and homework based on my performance on actual practice exams.

- Johanna W.

Highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors. They are very professional and incredible to work with. We used them for College and High School admissions and had great results.

- MJ V.

I used Elite Ivy Tutor two years ago for help on my ACT. My tutor was extremely intelligent and always made sure I was on track.

- Meredith L.

Great service, really helped me improve my ACT score. Worth the cost and my tutor Brian was really nice and patient.

- Joey J.

Used Elite Ivy Tutors to help prepare for the June 2018 LSAT. The tutor (Oliver) was very helpful: worked with me on the section that was giving me the most trouble and identified specific question types for me to work on. Provided strategic instruction on how to approach questions, beyond just showing me how to get a single answer. Was very flexible with sessions on weekends and evenings to accommodate my full-time work schedule.

- John M.

Elite Ivy Tutors provided a very qualified tutor who was knowledgeable about the subject area. I found them to be very professional, organized and concerned about positive outcomes for their students.

- Shannon R.

Brian was great! My son really enjoyed working with him.

- Kimberly M.

The programs offered by this company are very effective and helpful. I have only had a few sessions but I believe I have learned a lot.

- Florentina Onolfo

Brian is very easy to work with. My daughter was able to get the scores she needed for her first choice school. We couldn’t be happier.

- Elizabeth F.

Bryn was a great tutor. She helped me get my score up and was very patient with me. I really appreciate all of the help from this tutoring center and of course, Bryn!

- Jennifer G.

Elite Ivy was a great choice! We worked with Brian and Taylor. Brian was quick to respond and recommended Taylor almost immediately. Taylor was the perfect choice for the 8th grader studying for the SSAT. They bonded right away. It’s been a pleasure working with them! THANK YOU!

- Ellen D.

We had a very good experience with EIT. Brian, the director, thoughtfully matches clients and tutors. My daughter’s tutor, Dan, was very knowledgable and thorough with his instruction. He was very good at discerning her weaknesses and working on them. He also shared effective strategies to improve her SAT scores. We were pleased with the results.

- Denise S.

Originally I was not excited to spend my entire summer studying for the SAT, but it was definitely worth it. Elite Ivy Tutors’ intense and personalized approach helped me achieve a great score. Bryn was excellent and explained anything I had problems with in a comprehensive way. Will totally recommend!!!

- Barbara B.

I had an amazing expirence with Elite Ivy Tutors. Clear progress was made, definitely a great investment.

- Kayde-Ann A.

Brian is the utmost professional with an innate ability to connect with students and their specific needs. He is diligent, conscientious, and very responsive.

- Sandra C.

The reason why I’m writing this is to thank Elite Ivy Tutors for the amazing job helping me get through a very challenging course. My tutor went above and beyond the norm of what tutors do. He was very accommodating with his time and patience. He was able to break down the subject matter very clearly, accurately and made it easy for me to understand. I highly recommend Elite Ivy Tutors services!

- Ryan G.

I looked up SAT tutors online for my son and contacted Elite Ivy Tutors. I got a call from Brian within 30 minutes of leaving a message. He introduced himself and sent me his profile which was very impressive. My son and I met with Brian on a saturday afternoon. He didn’t waste any time with teaching my son. He got right into it. Brian was very clear, patient, and made sure my son understood each lesson before moving on to the next. My son felt very comfortable and motivated with Brian. Brian is very flexible with his time. We changed our meeting  time several times and Brian worked around our schedule. Overall, I am looking forward to Brian as my son’s SAT Tutor and and also to tutor him throughout the school year. I am sure my son will excel in any and all subjects with Brian’s expertise.

- Melanie

I learned about Elite Ivy Tutors through my cousin, who had only positive things to say.  At my first session I was amazed at how thorough my tutor was at explaining and fixing my weaknesses.  He records and analyzes your answers in order to pinpoint your weaknesses. After only two sessions I feel like I have come such a far way and I have recommended Brian to all of my friends!

- Sarriyah H.

When I was in high school preparing for the SATs, Brian was one of the tutors who came in to help us study. The material he reviewed with us was concise and very useful when it came to the actual test. I personally was terrible at math, but he was extremely patient with me and also allowed our group to help each other out when one of us wasn’t as strong in a subject. I was able to pass the math portion with a score that was more than acceptable, and I don’t think I could have done that without the focused review that Brian of Elite Ivy Tutors provided. Thank you!

- Raven R.

Brian came highly recomended to me via my Sister who use him as her Son’s SAT tutors.  My daughter speak very highly of Brian, he is very detailed oriented, patience and have expert teaching skills which we all need for our children out side of the classroom.  Brian has a tremendous influence with my daughter’s learning ability and I have no doubt that he will show the same ability and skills to all the childrens he cross path with. GOOD JOB BRIAN

- Afeeza H.

Very helpful. Helped improve my SAT score a lot.

- Shane M.

Brian is an excellent tutor and his service goes above and beyond to make sure his students do well.

- Meghan F.

Best Tutors in Manhattan!

- Julio P.

This was such a great experience, I would recommend!

- Gaby L.

Very supportive and helpful.

- Allyson F.

Elite Ivy Tutors helped me improve my test taking abilities in school. The tutors were very nice, and had lots of avilable times to meet. I highly reccomend Elite Ivy Tutors.

- Jake P.

My tutor and I began working together toward the end of last year’s fall semester when I was an NYU freshman struggling with economics courses. He was able to help me better understand the material and made me feel much more comfortable in the class. I went from getting C+’s on midterms to attaining an A on the final. I highly recommend EIT.

- Andrew N.

Worth every penny!! I was on a a serious time constraint and needed to learn a lot of material in a short amount of time. No other tutors even called me back. Brian called me back right away and made plenty of time for me. He knew his stuff and more importantly knew how to teach it. He never lost patience. I am so thankful to have found him before this huge placement test!! I would definitely recommend him and EIT!

- Ambra R.

I highly recommend Brian as a superb and knowledgeable  SAT tutor.  He helped prepare my daughter to take the November 2013 SAT, which included about 35 hours over a period of 6 months.  Brian was encouraging, supportive and very informed about the test requirements. He was always punctual and very responsive to questions after sessions and to my daughter’s concerns (and mine).  He tailored his lessons specifically to her needs and was clear about what homework was required (eg. vocabulary, practice tests) in order to perform to the best of her ability and to achieve a high score.  Brian was also respectful and considerate about the financial costs.  In sum, I give Brian 5 stars (out of 5) and recommend him as an excellent and highly qualified tutor!

- Naomi B.

Very easy to work with and had a quality tutoring experience!

- John B.

My tutor, David, was a tremendous help! He was able to figure out what sections I needed to focus on and the parts I knew well and from there gave me useful work. He had me do SATs with certain different lenses of thinking in order to practice certain skills and my scores improved accordingly. I recommend this program fully to anyone looking to improve their scores.

- Finnius M.

I studied with Corey for the GMAT/GRE for 3 months making dramatic improvements to my overall standardized test taking ability. Corey is an extremely talented tutor. He helped me build a personalized weekly independent study plan, set expectations for improvement, and provided specific, actionable feedback during our weekly virtual study session. Thanks to his help, I scored very well on the GRE and was offered admission to a top 3 MBA program.

- Eric S.

My son was in a difficult college math class (differential equations) with a professor who he could not understand or hear clearly. Remote learning only made the situation worse. Desperate for help before his final exam, we reached out to Elite Ivy Tutors. My son was paired with a wonderful tutor who basically taught him most of the class in less than 10 hours. Having the right teacher makes a huge difference. Thank you Amber for connecting our son with Igor. And, thank you Elite Ivy Tutors!

- Sarah S.

Great experience – EIT and Todd were extremely helpful and went out of their way to field questions as well as provide post-tutoring resources to help advance my preparation for the GMAT.

- Jack D.

I am a middle school social studies who was in need of assistance with remote teaching. Elite Ivy Tutors provided me with an excellent tutor who helped me, in just a few sessions, get caught up with using zoom, Nearpod, google classroom and edpuzzle. I had an excellent experience with Elite Ivy Tutors.

- Ted B.

EIT was a great experience for my son. His tutor was effective focused and professional. We were very pleased and will def[initely] use them to prep my daughter as well.

- Jessica L.

I had a great experience with Elite Ivy Tutors; they helped a lot with preparation for the chemistry subject test. Would definitely recommend!

-Lydia P.

Unlike other SAT tutors that had me follow a generic study plan, EIT personalized my experience so that I was able to improve what I was struggling in, not the average student. My tutor was also very accessible when I had questions outside of my sessions and I genuinely do not have a bad thing to say.

-James C.

I’ve learned so much in such a small amount of time, very professional, very helpful, I would definitely recommend Elite Ivy Tutors!

-Diana K.

Best Tutors in Manhattan!

-Julio P.

I can never express in words how amazing Elite Ivy Tutors has been to work with these past years. To start of with, their communication is excellent. They return calls and emails promptly, quickly find you a highly qualified tutor that matches your needs and they update you daily on all progress. Everyone we have dealt with on the administrative end has always been professional and the tutor we used several times was not only knowledgeable in the subject matter but kind, clear and generous. We have recommended Elite Ivy Tutors over and over and will continue to do so.

-Jan R.

Provided high-quality one-on-one online LSAT tutoring! I’m a student in Canada so I really appreciate having access to Ivy League LSAT tutors living in the United States!
-Dhriti C.

Very polite and helped me find what I needed.
-Lara A.

I had a great experience with Elite Ivy Tutors. They connected me with a tutor who had exactly the background and education I needed. My tutor provided pertinent lectures and homework that addressed my specific needs. The whole process was efficient and professional. I learned much more than I would have in a traditional college class at my local schools. I will use Elite Ivy Tutors again if needed. Highly recommended.
-Todd E.